Days of our lives (part 2)

Fifth day of our life
We are very ecstatic
Finally we made a new life
Could it be the need to sustain bliss human mediocrity?
But our sweethearts are in tears
Camouflaged as being happy for you
Another one escapes dying alone

Sixth da…


Days of our Lives (part 1)

First day of our life
The mother is ecstatic
Finally her pains and burdens are over
Ululations and congratulations are on
Could even be the next president
But father is in tears
Camouflaged as honest joy
Another big mouth to feed

Second day…

Three Wise Monkeys

Must our eyes even when we blind see
I closed my eyes but Zipporah D ‘Ead was aborting the Evil
Zipporah says Kevin Daddy closed her eyes not to see
And that mother sees but to her it’s no Evil
Remember my daughter all we have is nothing you …

To kill the Dead

As I stand by my coffer
Like the Ganges let my tears cleanse your soul
For I go to fight my demons
And the cheers from the arena will echo through the world
Let them forever whisper the moments we had
For I learnt to kill the dead

As I si…

Love is our Language

Is it ‘the tongue’ that will open doors for me,
Today the dawn has changed my cause,
My mother tongue seem to be the keys to my all,
I thought this century would have buried that deep into the ground,
But it seems it is rooted deep inside people’…


A deal is a deal whether made under the bright midday sun or forged in moonlit darkness
A deal is a deal as long as the wise man say it’s so.
A deal is a deal whether made in the crossroad or shaken upon in a silver city palace.
A deal is a deal b…

Just You

Above and beyond, all I want is you
The prissy conservative clothing is enough
No need for the décolleté or plunging neckline
You are as beautiful as the hazelnut tree by the river
Your charcoal dark eyes radiant like the December constellation…