I loved Him Too

Hi Beautiful, how are you doing?
It was him again,
I could recognize the deep voice,
The voice that sent chills down my spine whenever I heard it
The words that made me blush like an 18 year old
The only one’s presence I yearned for the whole …


Growing older all she wanted was for me to go and see her
Death before she did was her only greatest fear
The week after next
Is what I replied in text
It’s sad how we speak of time as something we could just buy or borrow

Procrastination co…


You feel like crying so I leave
You begin to touch me but I don’t want to hold you
You talk but I really don’t think I should hear you out
Because you might say you love me and I wouldn’t know what to say

It’s not that I don’t feel th…

Bitter Sweet

The bite from a single apple,
It was so sweet that my tongue did not notice
The taste of a hard fall and excruciating pain from the top of that tree,

Then the rain,
Drops covering my face
The moist and promises of a new beginning,
With all th…

My Heart awaits You

My heart awaits you
Like a pendulum ready to let go,
From a string
Or a stone from a sling,
Ready to swing.
My heartbeat counts down,
Waiting for that moment in time,
Still unknown,
When time will stop.
And my heart take deep,
In a pool o…

40 Days

My heart is heavy today
It has nothing to do with the first day
Her smile like my effort, Impressive
Her hair dyed and buried the queens how majestic
Her beauty so be witching
Who knew the devil as an angel?
Trust me feels like good luck …

The Untold Tale

The look …
That look took … my breath away
Felt like reading an irresistible romantic book
But little did I know that it was a hook
That would ultimately
Get stacked on me entirely
Endless times I just shook … my head
Wondering what was …



How will I make her understand
That without her I can hardly stand…
And that my love for her is countless, just like the sand…?

How will I let her know
That her glowing smile gives me a blow…
And that her timid composure stops t…


A golden smile…
Can cool the mind for a while.

It carries away…
Any pain in night or day.

It always bring light…
Whenever put into the eyesight.

It is the most important stride…
When we face life’s unpredictable tides.

It is s…