Over the Hill

The grass is always greener on the other side
On the other side of the hill, the worth of everything appears ten fold
Over the hill, the crop comes across as more succulent; standards look elevated and aloft
There is always the impression that the…



I sat in my thoughts and watched,
as you smiled,
watched as the sparkle in your eyes,
into a beam of good vibes

Watched as your time on God’s earth,
and I sat still,
and wished the infectious vibes,
would be a par…

Take me back

Take me back to the old paths
when you loved the truth and hated a lie,
when you called me princess deep from your heart,
when I called you gift because I meant it,
when we laughed together because we were lovebirds and no hard feelings surround…


When the mask peels back
and the true self reveals
into a state of bare nakedness,
I retreat into the dark shadows
away from the lights,
and a million eyes.
A mystery laced corner,
in solitude
where my heart lives,
a shelter


Dark shadows.

There are days I feel completely dissociated from the world,
These are the days when I see coffins drop from the sky,
Dead men screaming their ill fated and lost good byes
The day my skin turns pale
And the grim reaper, with the sadness in his ey…

Beauty In The Struggle

Don’t look at me like we’re equal
My life is a book of which I’m the only author
No one else by my side, one book no sequel
You don’t understand why I ask to be alone
Truth is, these demons are all on my case
That’s why at times I choo…

crush<3 and burn!!!

Roses are red, violets are blue,
this one goes out to my crush, I FREAKING HATE YOU!!!
Oh you thought this was a love poem, lol, me too.
Let me just say this,
your beauty, is second to none,
your purity, is second to nuns,
and your sweetness, …

Two Sides of a Coin

His state of mind, stuck in the middle, conflicted
Walking through the dark moon lit forest they called Identity Crisis
Unfortunately he didn’t know what he wanted
Before him were two roads
The signs read Dreams and Norms
One of which was to…


Thing is, I’d love to be your king
Thing is, I’d love to hear you sing
Thing is, you can be my Angel,
And then I can watch you swing, your wings
Thing is, what you bring
Is great joy in my heart
Thing is, I can’t value you with anything
And t…

Love, a Lie

Long have I heard of it
How have I yearned for it?
But it never made sense
It made life more tense Are you gonna help me get a title for this one?
It made me walk on thorns
That Pierced my skin bitterly
I mean love

I take it as a normal word…